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End of Season Wrap Up

There has been a lot going on at St Peters over late summer and autumn.

Firstly the lights have been upgraded to allow play in the evenings.  This was at substantial cost to the club and all donations towards this are much appreciated.  Between the lights and the ball machine there are great opportunities to practice your tennis over winter.  Another option if it is wet is to head down to the Waikato Tennis Centre and play indoors.  Through the Pay2Play system you can book a court for an hour or more.  Here is a link to court bookings.

In late April the Annual Veteran’s Tennis Tournament was held.  Despite poor weather the courts were full with visitors from all over the North Island including Taranaki, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Whanganui.  We also had local participants from St Peters and other clubs.  It was an amazing weekend thanks to the support of members such as Rod Lugton,  Brian Whitley and Andrew Fletcher who donated prizes, as well support with delicious baking from lots of members.  Our dinner on Saturday night was fantastic.  A big thank you  to Pauline Hooper & Doreen Lyons  who spent hours in the kitchen.  A big thank you to all involved.  Please see the end of the post for a list of winners.

We would also like to congratulate all our interclub teams for the year.  St Peters had two teams entered in each of the adult divisions and one team in each of the junior divisions.  The best performed team this year was the St Peters Eagles who won the 35 and over Division.

Through the winter there are a variety of Junior tournaments being held around town, some at St Peters through the Hamilton Tennis Academy.  Here is a link to the dates of the tournaments.

Over the end of summer a Fast Fours Wednesday night singles competition was started with great success.  Many of our top players came down weekly for a match and we are planning to get this started again over winter.




Annual Veterans Tournament 2018

W . Martin. Gould –Ken McIntyreW Helen Litt- Delwyn Guilford
RU Jason Cargo- Mike CallardRU Sue Jamieson- Janis Smith
P Jarrod Bell- Hyrum SunnexP Christine Beattie- Violett Skipper
SP Feleti Sofeli- Graham SwordsSP Debbie Martin- Karlene Magill
CP Wayne Delport- Ray BosCP Lara Wild- Debra Dowlands
W Richard Goulding- John LovettW Dianne McMinn- Helen Kenyon
RU Justin Oosterveen- Dale FletcherRU Di Butler-Caroline Baty
P Alby Tipiwai- Meto Snegeriv
W Nitin Bansel- Richard ShephardW Nesa Lawson- Janine Thirwall
RU Paul Jennings- Peter SmithersRU Helena Goodin- Jan Tyson
P Chris Davies- Chris Wilson
W Ken McIntyre-Cassandra KiddW Dale Fletcher- Trina Roberts
RU Jason Cargo- Michelle BeckerRU Justin Oosterveen- Caroline Baty
P Shane Stannett- Victoria Kerrison
SP Ray Bos- Sandy Tritt
CP Ralph Blackburn- Frances Cheyne
W Meto Snegeriv- Jeanette HardingW John Clarke- Tania Wallis
RU Alby Tipiwai- Trish BairdRU Peter McNeice- Jan Tyson
P Brian Monteith- Maria Karl